Mamadou Diop

Mamadou Diop

Mamadou Diop is from Sénégal, West Africa, bringing with him over 40 years of musical experience. As a youth, he became interested in playing music when his mother gifted him a guitar. He would go to the river at night and sit by the bridge and teach himself to play the rooted rhythms of Africa on his guitar. Today, Mamadou Diop is one of the most respected rhythm guitarists from his country and an accomplished sabar (Senegalese hand and stick) and djembe drummer. He has an extensive musical résumé and has performed with the most celebrated musicians of Sénégal, including Jimi M’Baye and Mbaye Dieye Faye in The Madison Band, (former band members of Youssou N’dour), Nicolas Menheim and Papa Seck in the band Africando, Musicians from the band Baaba Maal, and the Grand Soda Mama with whom Mamadou toured the West African countries of Sénégal, Mauritania, Cameroon, and the Ivory Coast.

In 1991 Mamadou Diop, known then as Modou Diop, joined the West African band Raam Daan led by Thione Seck (former singer for the legendary Orchestra Baobab) and traveled throughout Africa, Europe, and North America. Mamadou settled in the United States in 1996, after completing a World Tour with the band. While in Boston, Mamadou joined Master Drummer Ibrahima Camara’s world beat band, Safal. Ibrahima, an old family friend from Dakar, Sénégal, had been living in the United States for twenty-five years at the time. Mamadou brought new energy from Africa to Ibrahima’s band.

In 1998 Mamadou formed his own band, MAMADOU (briefly known as “Mamadou Diop and the Jololé Band”). Along with performing, Mamadou, a member of the Soninke tribe, teaches about African life and culture. Mamadou has led drum workshops for public and private school programs. Mamadou also teaches weekly drum and dance classes for adults and children.

In Africa the expression of rhythm is used to make a connection with the soul. Mamadou expresses the virtues of African culture and, in his very personable manner, introduces participants to an understanding of life and spirit that is so prevalent in his culture.

In addition to being a musician, Mamadou Diop is a valued pillar of his communities. He is President and a founding member of A3D, Inc. (African Development through Drum and Dance), a local non-profit organization that supports people in need locally in the Boston area and overseas in West Africa. Through his efforts, Mamadou has been recognized by the Art of Living Foundation and by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. His band supports his efforts, with several band members being part of A3D. Learn more about this noble group of people determined to make a positive difference in the world around them.

Lastly, Mamadou is known for his unique style of painting, bringing African folklore to life on canvas with traditional scenes colorfully depicted. His art has reached around the world, with a piece even reportedly finding its way to a museum in Moscow.