Master Drummer Mamadou Diop

Mamadou Diop is a native of Senegal. A professional musician (Boston Music Award winner as International Artist of the Year) and an accomplished West African drummer and teacher, Mamadou has traveled extensively throughout the continents of Africa and Europe, and the U.S., while touring with the Senegalese band Thione Seck. He has an extensive resume in his musical carrier, and has played music and toured with the most celebrated musicians of Senegal, as well as his own award-winning world beat band "MAMADOU."

A member of the Soninke Tribe, Mamadou lived in the village with his family until he was six years old. Soninke was one of the biggest Kingdoms that extended from Senegal to its neighboring country of Mali to the East. From the village, Mamadou moved to the capital city of Dakar, where his family maintained the traditional African style while living in the modern city. Many times throughout the year, Mamadou's family would travel back to their original village of Bakel, located at the border of Senegal and Mali, in order to renew the connection with the tribe, the spirit, and the nature of Africa.

In Africa the expression of rhythm is used to make a connection with the soul. Mamadou expresses the virtues of African culture and, in his very personable manner, introduces participants of his classes and seminars to an understanding of life and spirit that is so prevalent in his culture. Mamadou is committed to sharing his culture and music with both adults and children alike.


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